Civella and the Villa Capri microphone

On June 26, 1975, Carl “Cork” Civella, brother to KC Mob boss Nick Civella, and Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna were at thier favorite table inside the Villa Capri bar when they discussed Las Vegas casino problems in very cryptic terms. What they did not know is the FBI had a hidden microphone picking up every word. This is the real story behind the famous scene in the Scorsese film, Casino. In the film Casino, an older Italian man is complaining to another guy while his mother looks on. This scene is all inside a small grocery market. The real story is there was a conversation about Las Vegas and it was picked up by a hidden microphone. I have attached some clips from the real conversations.


Film Casino clip

Real audio from FBI hidden microphone

Plus here is another interesting conversation from Allen Dorfman.

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