Chicago Outfit Hit Car

Chuckie Nicoletti and ‘Milwaukee Phil’ Alderisio

On May 2, 1962, Chicago cops responded to a suspicious party radio call at 1750 SupeStor st. in Chicago. They encountered Chicago Outfit members Philip (Milwaukee Phil) Alderisio, an Outfit trigger-man and loan shark, and Charles Nicoletti, ¬†a west side gambling boss sitting in a nondescript 4 door 1962 Ford automobile. As they searched this car, the officer uncovered one of the Outfit’s dirty and horrible little secrets. These guys were probably on a stakeout waiting on their victim in a “hitmobile.” ¬† The officers checked the registration and found it was registered to a man named Alter Getz of 9430 S. New England Ave., Oak Lawn. Their investigation revealed this address is a vacant lot. The two mobsters were charged with using a fictitious address to register this Ford and Judge Harry G. Comerford ruled the state failed to prove Alderisio and Nicoletti were guilty of using a fictitious address on the registration form for state license plates or of displaying plates listed to a fictitious address.

Years layer, Investigators learned that in May 1962 these 2 guys and Tony Spilotro took part in the famous torture of Billy McCarthy and a few days later grabbed Jimmy Miraglia and killed him. The torture of Billy McCarthy was made famous in the head in a vise scene on the opening of the film, Casino.

The Ford had three hidden switches under the dashboard. Two of these were for disconnected tail lights and stop-lights so that the car would be difficult for police to follow in a chase. The third switch turned on an electric motor to open a hidden compartment in the back rest of the front seat. The compartment was fitted with brackets to hold shotguns or rifles.

The back of the front seat was changed to provide a hiding place for bulky objects. Detective John Willems points the into compartment, whose door was motor-operated by a hidden dashboard button.

The car is held in the police auto pound and “Walter Gezt” never claimed his brand new car

Charles “Chuckie” Nicoletti grew up in an impoverished and¬†dysfunctional family¬†in¬†Chicago; his parents were both natives of¬†Santa Caterina Villarmosa,¬†Sicily. They lived at 737 S. Campbell Avenue in¬†Near West Side, Chicago. On February 27, 1929, at the age of 12, Charles shot and killed his own father, allegedly in self-defense. As is drunken father attacked him with a knife, Charles ran into a bedroom, where a gun was kept in a¬†bureau¬†drawer. Nicoletti was exonerated by the¬†Cook County¬†coroner. He dropped out of school in eighth grade and soon joined the “Forty-Two Gang.” At the time, the gang’s members included such future Outfit members as Giancana,¬†Sam “Teets” Battaglia, “Lew Farrell,”¬†“Mad Sam” DeStefano¬†and¬†William “Willie Potatoes” Daddano.

On March 29, 1977, Outfit killers shot Nicoletti three time in the back of his head while he was sitting in his car in the parking lot of the Golden Horns Restaurant. Chicago mob assassin Harry Aleman is the suspected hitman.


Felix Anthony “Milwaukee Phil” Alderisio began his criminal career as a teenager during the¬†Prohibition¬†era. He hung out around locations where he knew he could find Outfit boss¬†Al Capone‘s like his ¬†Lexington Hotel¬†headquarters. He wanted to get noticed and get a messenger’s job. In the early 1930s, Alderisio dream came true and he began working with¬†Sam Battaglia¬†and¬†John Marshall Caifano¬†as an enforcer. Rising steadily through the ranks during the¬†Great Depression, Alderisio soon gained a reputation for brutality. By the end of the decade, Alderisio was working under¬†Jake “Greasy Thumb” Guzik, the Outfit’s financial expert, as a bagman delivering¬†payoffs¬†to Chicago judges and police officials. Alderisio was suspected in carrying out 13 or 14 “hits” for The Outfit.

Alderisio was part of a burglary crew that operated in Chicago’s upscale¬†Gold Coast¬†district. These thieves specialized in rare gems and jewelry, which they¬†fenced¬†to Outfit-controlled jewelry stores and wholesalers. ¬†Alderisio also owned several restaurants, meat packing firms, small hotels,¬†Rush Street¬†nightclubs, bordellos and¬†striptease¬†joints.

Over a lifetime of criminal activity, law enforcement arrest Alderisio at least 36 times for¬†assault¬†and¬†battery, bombing,¬†racketeering,¬†loansharking, illegal gambling,¬†hijacking,¬†narcotics,¬†counterfeiting,¬†bootlegging, bribery,¬†extortion, and¬†murder-for-hire. However, Alderisio usually avoided prosecution because of the Outfit’s strong political connections.

On September 25, 1971, Felix Alderisio died from natural causes at the United States Penitentiary, in Marion, Illinois.

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9 thoughts on “Chicago Outfit Hit Car”

  1. I’m from Chicago always was interested in the outfit, which is almost extinct today, informant Frank calabrese Jr was openly drinking in a Edison park bar,don’t think that would happen 40 years ago,I like your YouTube videos,you worked as a kc organized crime detective ,did cpd have such a division because I think They we’re corrupted by them and only the FBI investigated them.there were over 1100 murders allegedly committed by the outfit and just a handful of convictions,did kc have a better rate of solving murders

    1. Jeff,
      Thank you for your comment. Chicago PD is huge and they have many good cops. I think they had a unit like our Intelligence Unit but I never had any contact with them. Chicago also had many corrupted cops particularly in the area of gambling sand liquor ordinance enforcement. And we know, that is in the Outfit’s main money making operations. Things have changed, a great example, Frank Calabrese Jr. living openly. I just recorded the story of the corrupt Chicago cop, William Hanhardt. Look for it to be released soon.

    1. Thank you Noah, I have been collecting clips and other info on Aleman and plan on a show about him in 2018. I just recorded one about Paul the Waiter that I need to edit and get out.


    According to a couple of books I read William Butch petrocelli was killed for holding out on 100 grand he collected in mob tax for Harry Aleman defense fund from bookies,Thier is grotesque photo of him when they tried to burn him and car but left windows up,so fire went out

    1. you are right Jeffrey, I have been researching Harry Aleman for a story I found the same info. Thanks for the comment.

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