Brothers against Brothers: The Civella-Spero War

December 4, 2019

Hey all you Wiretappers, As you may know, I recently finished my second documentary film Brothers against Brothers on the Kansas City crime family. In this film, Brothers against Brothers, I examine a mob war that pitted KC Mob boss, Nick Civella and his brother Carl “Cork” Civella against four “young turks” Nick, Mike, Joe, and Carl Spero.  I have it for sale on my Website shop page and I offer it as a reward for any donation of $25.00 or more to the show. But for the small amount of $1.99 you can go to Amazon and rent the film. Even if you want the DVD with unedited raw interviews as special features please consider renting the film within a few days after you get this podcast. If enough of you download it at the same time and you give it a lot of reviews, Amazon will pump it up in their algorithms and offer it to more folks. In that simple inexpensive manner, you can give the podcast an immense boost. I make about 50% on digital downloads but the money I make from my regular fans is nothing compared to all the others out there who will then get an email with my film as a recommendation. This is a gift to the podcast that keeps on giving. The same thing happened to my other film Gangland Wire, but it took over a year to build enough downloads and reviews to get Amazon to promote that film. I want to cut that time down to a few weeks.

I pulled out all the stops for this documentary. I hired a video company to produce reenactment scenes and film interviews. I hired actors and got friends to help film scenes inside a strip club and a mob hangout. I take the viewers to the actual locations for some of the interviews of the officers who worked the case. I released it last week at the Kansas City Mafia Film Festival and I got lots of favorable comments.

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