Bonus John “Pudge” Matassa – One Man’s Opinion

This is a short bonus episode containing the opinion of a Wiretapper who is a member of the Chicago Laborers’ District Council LiUNA. This is a real deal strong Chicago union who looks out for 20,000 members.Ā  Give this a listen and then go onto my next episode in which myself and Cam Robinson examine the government’s case and the Outfit history of the participants. I was once a member of the United Automotive Workers Local 249 and I understand the benefits and need for a strong labor union. Ben Ellickson makes an interesting point, a mobbed up union representative may work harder on an individual worker’s grievance than another guy who is not connected. he has one great story about how that worked for one member.

Don’t forget to hit me on your Venmo app and buy me eggs for my Hammy from Denny’s. You have to listen to get this inside joke. Just a little Podcaster’s humor.
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