Bob Berdella Serial Killer – Part 2

January 7, 2017

In episode 2, Troy Cole tells about the search of this chamber of horrors. The house was in complete disarray, kind of like a teenage kid’s room. When Bob got done with something, he just threw it down. Except for the torture logs which were found on the second floor.

An interview of Christopher Bryson revealed he had been kept captive and injected with several unknown substances that created burning and stinging sensations. As the officers searched the second floor they found a room exactly as the room described by Bryson. The bed had tethers on the headboard and they had been burned through exactly as Bryson had described how he made his escape.

In another bedroom, under a mattress, a searching detective found an envelope containing a couple of hundred Polaroid photographs.In these photos, Cole found images of several other young men. To his horror, these men seemed to be tethered to the same bed and were being tortured. Other detectives find a skull on the first floor and in close proximity they found a bag of loose teeth.

At this time, Cole heads home to watch the NCAA. shortly after, he is called back to the scene because the searchers were finding more evidence that this was a homicide scene. One of the Polaroids contained human body hanging from a basement rafter that had be be dead. Cole explains that this body showed signs of liver in the lower extremities.

More homicide detectives are called in and subjected to the inch by inch search of a filthy, stinky, gross chamber of horrors. These detectives worked until 2:00 AM Easter Sunday morning. A forensic pathologist is called out and he examines the skull and loose teeth. The pathologist concludes this skull is not an old artifact or fake and is probably a recent death.

The next morning Cole and CSI Captain Ron Canady examine the yard as other detectives return to searching the interior. Capt. Canady notes there is a place in the yard with the ground disturbed. this plot is about the size of a grave. He calls in a back hoe and the second shovelful reveals a human skull with the hair still attached. At that time, Cole thinks that all those young men he had seen in the Polaroids were dead and buried in the back yard.

Troy Cole realizes he is now into one of the biggest criminal cases he has ever worked. The Crime Lab Supervisor, Gary Howell, takes over the crime scene. He calls in a group of recruits from the academy to dig the yard up with hand shovels.

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