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Bad Henry with Ron Chepesiuk – Bonus Episode

Retired Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins brings you a little different show today. He interviews well-known true-crime author Ron Chepesiuk about his latest book. In Bad Henry, Ron strays from his usual topic of organized crime, drug cartels, and cocaine smuggling to the work of serial killers.

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2 thoughts on “Bad Henry with Ron Chepesiuk – Bonus Episode”

  1. Casey Harris Sr

    Hey Gary,
    So good to hear from you this am. Death in the family in Nazilini, AZ (where Fort Defiance use to be when you were a kid in the 1800’s- hah). Got a used car with Bluetooth in the radio and boy am I happy I can play your audio podcasts on it! Thank you for your hard work and programming for your Wiretappers, Casey in AZ

  2. Pingback: BAD HENRY: The Murderous Rampage of ā€˜The Taco Bell Stranglerā€™ by Ron Chepesiuk Offers Insights into the Psychology of a Killer and Sheds Light on Issues Related to Race and Policing • WildBlue Press

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