1989 Year of the Stool Pigeon William Jahoda

William Jahoda

William Jahoda was an Outfit gambler connected to Rocco Infelise, the ruthless consigliere of the Chicago mob. He and others run the most profitable gambling house in Chicago. The entire operation is dubbed the Good Ship Lollipop. At first, under Solly DeLaurentis, the Lake County crew are making money and not making any waves. This operation turns into a mess of greed, jealousy, and murder. After William Jahoda is forced to lure a couple of men to their deaths, he becomes disillusioned. Then he falls in love with a girl who recently dated his crew’s boss Solly DeLaurentis and he knows this could mean death for him. He decided to become a government witness. He contacts Thomas Moriarty of the IRS Intelligence unit because he has heard that Infeliise has a federal agent on his payroll. Moriarty is well now to be a straight incorruptible agent. Jahoda will meet with Moriarity and wear a wire on his Outfit bosses.


Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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