1989 Year of the Stool Pigeon Betty Tocco

Betty Tocco Outfit wife

Gary, Camillus Robinson, and Paul Whitcombe take a look at Betty Tocco, the wife of Al Tocco who was the boss of what was called the South Side Crew. He had married a beautiful brunette but she should have gotten a clue. She claimed their first date was a visit to a brothel so Al Tocco could pick up some money. Over the years, he abused Betty Tocco while threatening her life. He often told her to pack all her belongings because they were going on the lam and disappeared himself for long periods. Al Tocco was a protege of Al Pilotto who had been the long-time boss of this south-side crew. They extorted money from gamblers, prostitutes and loaned money at loan sharks’ rates of interest. To not repay the loan shark Al Tocco invited a beating or worse from Tocco or his chief enforcer Clarence Crockett.

Betty Tocco the final straw

She testified that she did not really understand what Tocco was until on Father’s Day, he called her in a panic. Al directed Betty Tocco to pick him up in rural Indiana next to a cornfield. On the ride home Al Tocco raged about how they had murdered the Spilotro brothers and he was in charge of disposing of the bodies. They were interrupted and his men ran off and left him stranded. She will later testify that she had to cancel a barbeque planned for that afternoon with her relatives. She said, “What was I supposed to tell them that my husband just killed the Spilotro brothers and buried their bodies.” She also testified that he said Billy Dauber was killed because he was talking. She will be the first mob wife to testify against her husband.
Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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