Kansas City Mafia

T-shirtFirst, in regards to tunnels between houses, I finally heard from a guy on facebook who remembers being in Northeast and seeing a rudimentary tunnel between neighboring homes. He did not remember the address and he said it was a dirt floor. I am betting that may be the origin of the story.

T-shirtIs there still a sports book in Kansas City? I know that Willie Cammisano Jr. took a conviction for operating a book in Kansas City a few years back. Click here to read article. I once got the trash of a sports gambler in KC. I found notations that indicated he was betting on every pro football game each week. I found where he had written down the point spread and the amount he bet. After looking at the actual game results, I believed he had lost close to $2,000.00 for those 2 weeks. I wanted a source that was a regular trusted gambler. I approached him and pushed him to become my informant. I indicated I knew a lot more about his activities than I really did know. He was scared when I seemed to have knowledge of how much he had lost recently. He said he would think about my offer of immunity for his gambling in exchange for information. I ran into him at the grocery store about a week later. We lived in the same area up by I-29 and 72nd St. He said he figured out I had gotten his trash because he had noticed recently his trash was gone while his neighbor’s was still to be picked up. I learned a lesson from that, substitute like trash bags.  Now, he knew he was not a target identified on a wire as I had intimated, but a random target and I had no real case against him. He never snitched.

You may think I have alerted criminals that police might “trash” them to get evidence. That technique has become well known. James S. “Jimmy” Duardi used to give his trash men little presents and wait until just before they came to put out his trash. In Nick Civella’s neighborhood, they had a private service that picked up the trash. This is a well know technique that was litigated back in the 1970s in a well publicized case in California. In other words, the well informed bad guy knows better.

I bet there is still a mob controlled sports book because the sports gambler cannot use the internet or go to a local casino to make a sports bet. Is there an off-shore sports book or poker website that people use today?

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