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D.B. Cooper Copycat- Part 1

Several months back, Aaron and I posted an episode telling about a 1972 D.B. Cooper copycat skyjacker named Martin J. McNally. In 1972, D. B. Cooper inspired McNally and several others to skyjack  passenger planes... Read More
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F.B.I. Black Bag Jobs part 2

During the time Ed Tickel was installing F.B.I. wiretaps, he led a secret life as a burglar. He was the son of a respected FBI agent and well liked by his coworkers. I found a report... Read More
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F.B.I. Black Bag Jobs Part 1

This show is about F.B.I. Black Bag operations and the men who do this. Without the skill of the “bag men” the important microphones would not have installed and the Mob control over the Tropicana... Read More
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Summer Shipp and other upcoming episodes

We are planning on a story about the disappearance of Summer Shipp and the horrifying search for her. The arrest and subsequent jury verdict. We also made contact with a Chicago Mob Undercover operative named... Read More
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Tropicana Casino Skimming

In this episode, Tropicana Casino Skimming, Aaron and I talk about how KC boss Nick Civella used Joe Agosto to infiltrate the Tropicana casino. I use the below actual wiretap audio to help tell the... Read More

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Operation Strawman Tapes – Nick Civella and Joey Aiuppa

During the Casino Skimming investigation known as Strawman, Kansas City Mob boss,  Nick Civella and Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna (Artie Piscano played by Vinny Vella) were discussing where or not Nick could call Lefty Rosenthal (Ace Rothstein played…