Yaser Abdel Said – Most Wanted 3-7-17

March 8, 2017

Yaser Abdel Said had immigrated from Egypt in his younger years. He lived in Irving, Texas and drove a cab in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area. In this suburban area, he raised two daughters who became too Americanized for him. He treated them badly and was highly critical as they grew into young women. Sarah Said once told a friend that her father “treats me like a whore.”  Her sister, Amina Said, told friends that her father often beat her. They noticed she had appeared at school with bruises, and at one point, had a split lip. Amina also complained that her mother refused to allow her to seek medical attention.

Amina stated she was afraid of using the telephone because she noticed her father seemed to know everything about her life. She late found he had placed a listening device on their phone. When she was 16, Yaser took Amina to Egypt, allegedly to arrange a marriage to a much older friend of his, but Amina rejected the marriage. This did not please Yaaser and the abuse grew worse. Sarah started trying to break free and got an after-school job working in a convenience store. She caught her father video-taping her at work and he punished her for smiling too much at the customers.

Amina began dating an American boy who she met through Taekwondo classes. Amina instructed the new boyfriend not to call or text unless she sent a codeword to him. Yaser closely monitored her cell phone usage. Yaser found a note she had written to her boyfriend. Amina told him that the writings were to an imaginary boyfriend. Yaser, not trusting Amina, continued to search to uncover Amina’s relationship.

Yaser moved his family a distance away. Because of this, Amina made plans to run away with her boyfriend and get married in Las Vegas. Her boyfriend stated: ” Yaser often threatened to kill Amina, and she knew he meant it.” Amina was worried that her father would discover her relationship and kill her boyfriend. Even while being beaten by her father, she refused to reveal his name. This infuriated Yaser.

In December, 2007, after Christmas Day, Amina and Sarah ran away with their mother, Patricia, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Amina’s boyfriend had relatives. Patricia told her daughters that December 31 was her mother’s death anniversary and that she wanted to drive back to Texas to put flowers on her grave. Sarah reluctantly went, while Amina refused. Patricia drove to Amina’s friend’s house and pounded on the door, starting an argument with Amina to try and convince her to go back. Amina still refused to go. Patricia insisted and stood unmoved in the doorway, saying her father had forgiven her and would like the girls to return home.

The girls were convinced their father had forgiven and returned. On January 1, 2008, Yaser took Amina and Sarah to his taxi cab, and kissed them, telling them he was taking them out to eat. Patricia had wanted to come along, but Yaser had told her that he wanted to talk to the girls alone. He drove them both to Irving, where he shot both girls to death in the taxi cab. Sarah managed to call 911 before she died, stating “Help, my dad shot me! I’m dying, I’m dying!”. Yaser’s taxi was soon discovered by another cab driver outside a hotel.

Thanks to the FBI and Wikipedia

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