Jason Derek Brown

Most Wanted Wednesday – 10-19-2016

October 19, 2016

Jason Derek Brown was the typical tanned, fit and blonde California surfer. Brown was born in Los Angeles, California in 1969 and attended Laguna Beach High School. Brown speaks fluent French and has a master’s degree in International business. Brown was born  into a Mormon family and served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Paris, France, from 1988 to 1990. Between 1990 and 2004, Brown resided in several places in Orange County, California,

Jason Derek Brown

Jason Derek Brown

including Dana Point and the Corona del Mar neighborhood of Newport Beach.

In the early 2000s, Brown appeared to be a wealthy young businessman living the good life. By the end of 2004, his family and friends will learn about his dark side. His petty cons and thievery that paid for an expensive life style and gambling habits. This was not enough and Brown was deeply in debt. He will divorce his wife and turn his back on his church.

On November 29, 2004, Robert Keith Palomares, a 24-year-old armored truck guard, was carrying the weekend deposits outside of an AMC movie theater at 4915 E. Ray Road in Phoenix, Arizona. At approximately 10 a.m., a hooded gunman ambushed and shot Palomares with a .45-caliber semiautomatic Glock. Five out of six bullets fired struck him in the head. Palomares was armed, but did not have time to defend himself. He died at the scene and the

Jason Derek Brown

Jason Derek Brown

gunman took a bag of money containing $56,000 in cash, fled into a nearby alley and left on a bicycle.

Soon, law enforcement will identify and issue a warrant for Jason Derek Brown for this horrible crime. Brown, aided by his family will go on the run by late December 2004.

The F.B.I. is offering a $200,000. 00 reward and Brown was seen in Salt lake City as recently as 2008. So. get busy and find this guy. The dude looks like Sean Penn.

Thanks to Wikipedia for help.

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3 comments on “Most Wanted Wednesday – 10-19-2016

  1. Miles Floit Apr 16, 2018

    I saw Jason Brown in Thailand, I called the FBI and they got back to me nine months later through the US embassy in Thailand, At that time they asked me if I could show them the bar I saw him in, I said yes any time any day. I have not heard from them since. I think I saw him about early 2014 but I have lost track as I thought the FBI would do something. I am very upset that nobody cared about the loss of your Husband,Father, Brother or son. I tried.

    • Gary Jenkins Apr 16, 2018

      I will pass this along to the FBI, who knows it may help. Thanks for your comment.

    • Gary Jenkins May 1, 2018

      I passed this along to the FBI.