The Death of Dutch Schultz – Bonus Episode

August 16, 2018

Dutch Schultz thought it would be a good idea to kill New York Special Prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey. He would learn that Lucky Luciano and the Commission did not agree and he should never have challenged theirDutch Schultz judgment. You can thank Ben Ellickson, Mark Ryan, Myral Watson, Berry Parks and all the folks who have purchased or rented my movie, bought my book, downloaded the Kansas City Mob Tour app or gave the podcast a positive review. Ben Elickson in particular mentioned he would like to hear an episode about the murder of Dutch Schultz, so here it is.

Arthur Flegenheimer took on the name Dutch Schultz because he knew his real name was too long for newspaper headlines. Well, maybe not but he would joke with reporters later in his life about this. He probably took it on because it was cooler, sounded tougher and easier to spell than Flegenheimer.


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