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Chicago’s Icepick: Pay or Die

In this episode, Gary Jenkins, a retired Kansas City police detective, discusses the life of Jimmy “Ice Pick” Inendino, a prominent figure in the Chicago Outfit. Despite never holding a top leadership position, Inendino was a respected member known for his involvement in the criminal underworld. Jenkins delves into Inendino’s potential role as an informant, […]

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Kenji Gallo

Kenny “Kenji” Gallo was born to a well to do Japanese-American family in ritzy suburban Orange County, California. Kenji started his criminal career as a quiet but hyperactive kid who entered into the drug trafficking world of the cocaine fueled 1980s in Southern California. He became a gun-toting international drug trafficker who owned a nightclub,

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Scott Deitche on Garden State Gangland

We interview noted mob historian and author Scott Deitche about his latest book, Garden State Gangland and the listener learns about the New Jersey crime families. As a bonus, Scott also tells the Wiretappers about Santos Trafficante Jr. and the development of the Tampa crime family. Scott has written six books on organized crime, including Garden

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