Serial Killers Analzyed Part 2

February 6, 2017

In this second episode Stephen J. Giannangelo, tells an unusual story about how he made contact with a convicted serial killer who is serving life in prison. After several rebuffs, Stephen finally is able to exchange letters with this man. The letter exchange led to a series of face to face interviews.  Stephen notes that this man, unlike others like Berdella, was not trying to brag about how superior he was but rather seemed to honestly want to figure out why he had this irresistible urge to kill.

Stephen discuss Berdella’s torture logs. He explains why Berdella might want to document the torture and eventual murder of 7 young men. He believes Berdella may have kept these logs to go back and enjoy his crimes over and over. He also thinks the logs had a double use, these logs were used to remind Berdella how he was able to control and dominate his victims. Stephen said he had never heard of a serial killer keeping a written log on exactly how he tortured and eventually killed his victims.

Stephen had published two books on his field of study, the most recent is Real Life Monsters: A Psychological Examination of the Serial Murder. His first book, published in 1996, was The Psychopathology of Serial Murder: A Theory of Violence.

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11 comments on “Serial Killers Analzyed Part 2

  1. My uncle goes deer hunting every year. When he brings home the deer, he buries the skull??? When I asked him why does he do that, he said because that’s the way to remove all the flesh skin and fur. The next year when he dug it up it was clean. I would have never known that. I believe that is why he had the skull buried in his backyard and that’s how the other one was clean is my opinion people told me he had special buyers for some of his stuff that he kept up I believe he sold the skulls

    • Gary Jenkins Apr 5, 2017

      That is very possible. He did not mention this in his confession and it might have helped if he implicated others.

      • I just seen on the internet there was a business card from Bob berdella he had his own business before Bizarre Bazaar called seat of your pants Productions????

        • Gary Jenkins Apr 5, 2017

          I don’t know about this Seat of Your Pants Productions bit it did not figure into the investigation. He was not involved in Wicca. I don’t know of any Berdella paintings, But if there were, like John Wayne Gacy’s clowns, they would be valuable.

          • Anonymous Apr 11, 2017

            So was he involved in anything other than Wicca witchcraft devil worshipping Exedra exedra a friend of mine scene his paintings he said they lwere weird like of aliens and stuff like that.

  2. I have another question there was an extra torture log and it was of a dog That was when he tried it out the first time right before he did it on a human… I watched an interview with one of the victims father’s where he said he found dog remains in the trash was there a torture log on another dog because if the dog was the first one and he was looking through the trash all the time where these bodies are being thrown away how is that possible obviously it had to been after his son died and I’ve also listened two you guys say that there wasn’t enough evidence for the police to go in and investigate Bob and you’re podcast on him wasn’t the dog remains enough evidence especially in the 1980s

    • Gary Jenkins Apr 5, 2017

      When Berdella’s trash was obtained by the victim’s father, law enforcement knew nothing about the torture logs or anything else except that Jerry Howell was missing and his father suspected Berdella had something to do with this. Just having the remains of a dog in a trash bag would not rise to the level required to get a search warrant. Hindsight is always 20/20, had the investigators even thought about the idea that Berdella was this serial killer, they might have stretched the probable cause to get inside the house.

      • So it’s not illegal to have mutilated dog remains in your trash at least that would get him in trouble and after the victim’s father was harassing kcpd bout this guys why would you think that this was just a Lover’s Coral gone wrong at first. Also was it true that all the victims were either gay or prostitutes I heard that most were drug dealers or drug addicts or thought they could hustle him out of something and is it true that Bob berdella was a drug counselor a drug addict and a drug dealer sounded like this guy. It has cheese sounded like this guy crossed all his T’s and dotted his I…. do you believe there was more victims and do you believe other people were involved but didn’t have evidence sorry lots of questions thank you for answering

        • Cheese 🙂 trying to do too many things at once and using voice command as my child wants a grilled cheese I apologize

          • Anonymous Apr 11, 2017

            I believe that there was devil worshipping but not enough evidence I believe other people were involved but not enough evidence

          • Anonymous Apr 11, 2017

            Also I’m not sure what became of the dog remains and how they decided not to go but I will tell you it was the eighties the Bible Belt homosexual men just came out crazy killer picking off people with criminal records drug problems prostitutes exedra it wasn’t that important to them and I’m sure it scared them between what Bob is doing and gay people considering it was the eighties