Roofie Romeos

November 20, 2017

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Aaron and I interview Deranged Crime LA blogger Joan Renner.  Desperate sick fuckers use this to get laid. A pill containing the drug rohypnal. street name Roofies, causes the taker or victim  to lose all self control, independence and slight conscious loss so that they can be raped without resistance. Most cases involve the rapist putting the pill into an unattended beverage. In this show we interview a true crime historian about the Roofie Romeos. twin brothers, George and Stefan Spitzer. In the 1980s, These sexual sadists used Roofies to immobilize and rape as many as 10-15 young single women in the Los Angeles. They even videotaped themselves taking turns raping girls rendered unconscious by the drug known as Roofie.

I learned of this story from a true crime blog titled Deranged Crime LA by true crime historian Joan Renner  She is a writer, lecturer, and a social historian with an expertise in historic Los Angeles crime.

Joan has worked for 6 1/2 years as an archivist at the Los Angeles Police Museum and was an assistant curator for a limited run exhibit based upon the LAPD’s continuing investigation of the 1947 unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, aka The Black Dahlia.  She  edited a book of crime scene photos for the Police Museum. The book is LAPD ’53 and was published in May 2015.  James Ellroy, the Demon Dog of American crime fiction, wrote the narrative to accompany the photographs.

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2 comments on “Roofie Romeos

  1. Great show, guys! Small world department, James Ellroy has written blurbs for my crime novels, so when I was at Strand books on a trip to NYC last week, I saw a copy of LAPD53 for the first time, missed it when it was first published, and wondered who this Joan Renner is. Then when we get back to Austin, TX, listen to your latest blog, “Roofie Romeos,” those awful, evil bastard brothers, with guest Joan Renner. Excellent work. Riveting.

    • Gary Jenkins Nov 21, 2017

      Thank you. I wish we cold get James Ellroy on the show. Maybe you might be interested in talking about your book on Austin criminals.