Mob Hits Episode 2

October 12, 2015

In this Episode the hits of the 1970s and 1980s are discussed. Learn how David Bonadonna was lured to his last meeting with Willie the Rat Camissano. How Tiger Cardarella and Felix Ferina messed up on hit and later became “on the spot” themselves. We discuss various bombings of mobsters and why one method of execution may be chosen over another.


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6 comments on “Mob Hits Episode 2

  1. joe Dee FL. Oct 27, 2015

    Gary,keep up the great work. Love all your info and pods. Have a good week. “GO Royals” Joe Dee Naples,FL

    • jenkslaw Oct 27, 2015

      Thanks Joe, I got to attend the game last Friday, it was intense. Trying to edit one about school shootings. We are having Terence O’Malley back for a show open to the public. We will talk about the Mob and Politicians.

  2. Nick T. Dec 10, 2016

    I have been listening to your podcast non stop for the past few days and I really enjoy them! Keep up the good work Gary!

    • Gary Jenkins Dec 11, 2016

      Thank you so much, I will pass that along to Aaron. We try to do a good job and educate folks in an entertaining manner. This is history you won’t get in school.

  3. Would you have any info on Carl Spero or Lynda Pearson?

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