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March 16, 2018

I noticed that a lot of podcast listeners are really great mob historians themselves. They get this from reading their personal libraries of mob nonfiction books. I have decided to do a weekly blog piece with reviews of mob books.

My first book was co-authored by a guy I met at the 2013 Mob-Con in Las Vegas, Paul Scharff.  What would you do if you father was murdered when you were a child and twenty eight years later, you received a phone call  from a friend who read in a true crime book that this murder was solved. Yet, the police agency responsible had never taken any action. Paul Scharff reveals his search for the truth about his father’s murder by a Chicago Outfit hit man and recounts that investigation in his exciting, “you can’t dream this up” book, Murder in McHenry. Paul will learn that a career criminal named Frank Culotta turned government witness had revealed the details of this murder to authorities years earlier. I recommend this book for an unusual and different perspective of the Chicago outfit and law enforcement corruption.

The book that Paul’s friend read when he learned the truth about the murder of Ron Scharff was Cullotta by Dennis Griffin and Frank Cullotta. Noted true crime writer, Dennis Griffin, had achieved a reputation as a solid guy in Las Vegas among local and federal law enforcement from his well researched The Battle For Las Vegas. When Frank Cullotta wanted to tell his story from the safety of Witness Protection, F.B. I. agents suggested Dennis Griffin.  I recommend both of these books for the well documented facts and the direct easy to read writing style of Mr. Griffin.


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