Inside the Walls Puppies For Parole Part 2

June 26, 2018

This week Keith Giammanco aka The Boonie Hat Bandit tells more about the Puppies For Parole program and other prison situations. Keith has 7 more years to do at the Western Missouri Correctional Facility in Cameron, Missouri. He was convicted of Bank Robbery in St. Louis. Keith was accepted as a dog trainer in the Pup[pies For Parole program recently. In this episode we learn he still has not been assigned a dog but he interacts with the other dogs and their inmate trainers. Keith describes the living arrangements in the Tier. We learn that Keith has maintained an independence from prison cliques and gangs. He credits his work and the work of his wife, Caroline Gimmanco in judicial reform. When asked for the single most important problem he observes in the prison system, Keith replied that he believed Missouri would benefit from sentencing reform. he notes that many prisoners are serving such long sentences that any rehabilitation effect has become lost because the prisoner sees no chance of release for such a long time.

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Credit to Puppies For Parole for the sound clip.

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