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February 2, 2015

‘Kansas City Mob Tour’ is the first app on the market to explore Kansas City’s dangerous and shocking mob history. It was created by a former cop turned lawyer who once investigated one of the city’s most notorious Italian-American mafias, La Cosa Nostra.

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI—For the first time, history enthusiasts now have an opportunity to get up close and personal with the city’s heavily mafia oriented heritage. Best of all, they can do it  from the comfort of their smartphones.

“This app is very educational because it tracks the real history of the mob, and how these gangsters impacted the community as a whole,” explained Gary Jenkins, the app’s creator.


For outsiders, Kansas City may seem like an unlikely place for mob activity; however, they will be in for quite a surprise. The app shows and explains where mafia members once lived, drank, gambled, plotted and killed.

“For most people who are 40 or older, they will remember the series of mafia-related killings and bombings during the late 1970s and the middle 1980s. For anyone younger, they’ll be shocked to know the mafia’s close connection to the city.”

The inspiration for launching the app came to Jenkins after producing a documentary film, Gangland Wire, about the Kansas City Mafia.

“When I do screenings and talks about La Cosa Nostra mafia in Kansas City, I’m often asked how to find the sites where these mob guys lived, did business, committed crimes and even socialized,” stated Jenkins. “That’s why I decided to create an app that contains everything they ever needed to know about the mafia in this city.”

Kansas City Mob Tour was produced by Jenkins, a mafia expert, who once prowled the same areas that the app directs the user to visit. The app also contains links to short videos taken from two documentaries about the mob in Kansas City, Gangland Wire and Black Hand Strawman.

“This app is perfect for anyone who loves history or for anyone who has ties to the area,” stated Jenkins. “I like the idea of using modern technology to entertain and educate others.”

The app can be purchased on Apple and Google Play for $1.99.  To learn more about the app, watch the short video below.


Not available on Google Play.

Click on Itunes to purchase for Iphone or Ipad.


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11 comments on “Kansas City Mob Tour App

  1. I cannot get that app to come up at Google play store! I put in search for both mob sites, k.c. mob tour Kansas City mob tour! Nothing a mob game is as close as I get! Really want this app, I had personal dealings and run in s with this faction, when I was in High school ,and my early 20 s too!
    Thank you please explain how to get and download this OK! Anee Johnston!

  2. joe Dee Aug 4, 2015

    just an old flip flop phone,nothing fancy. Is there any way i can get this downloaded on my computer??

  3. Andrew Trentacoste Jun 15, 2017

    How fascinating! You are so brave. My dad is Italian and my mom’s dad is Irish. I rescently had the pleasure of working there and the KS/MO countrysides. I am originally from So. California. Thank you for your dedication.

  4. Daniel Moorefield Nov 16, 2017

    I can not find your app on google play. The link above is a dead end.

    • Gary Jenkins Nov 16, 2017

      Sorry, Google did not like the app but will not tell me why.

  5. Eva Christensen Oct 30, 2018

    do you have tours for small party of four today? Kansas City Gansters

    • Gary Jenkins Nov 1, 2018

      Sorry for the slow response. No I am not really equipped to do a tour on less than a few days notice. Next time email me at jenkslaw@yahoo.com

  6. Erick Gookin Oct 17, 2020

    Hey I love the podcast!! Sorry I dont do social media stuff so I cant figure out how to rate the show…. but its 5 star! Love it! Cant stop listening!

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