“Bulldog” Drummond and the murder of William Dauber

January 15, 2018

william dauberBulldog and the Murder of William and his wife Charlotte Dauber

In the second and final episode of famous Chicago television reporter, John Bulldog Drummond, the listener learns about covering the Chicago Outfit up close and personal. We also discover a situation where it got almost too personal for Bulldog and his camera crew. Bulldog watched at William Dauber and his wife Charlotte left the Chicago area Will County courthouse after the judge continued a hearing on cocaine and weapons charges. He debated whether to follow them and see if they met up with any other outfit members or not. They decided to head back to downtown Chicago to cover something at the Cook County courthouse. Little did they know that an Outfit hit team was also waiting to follow the Daubers with guns and not cameras. They narrowly missed becoming witnesses and possibly victims of an Outfit hit team in the act of killing the Daubers.

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One comment on ““Bulldog” Drummond and the murder of William Dauber

  1. Red Wemette Jun 13, 2021

    GREAT show Gary, John is the who’s who of the old Chicago Outfit. He even wrote about me and told me to write a book.

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