John “Bulldog” Drummond Part 1

January 8, 2018


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In the first a two-part show Aaron and I interview the well known colorful Chicago TV personality and reporter “Bulldog” John  Drummond. In this show, Bulldog tells about his early career, how he

Bulldog Drummond

develops sources inside law enforcement and the Outfit.  John Drummond’s interest in organized crime goes back to the Kefauver Committee Hearings on Organized Crime in the 1950s. He noticed how the majority of folks were entranced with these hearings and the mob personalities the committee questioned. He had a masters in political science, and had studied totalitarian movents like the Italian fascists and the Stalinist in the Soviet Union. He saw that organized crime organizations compared favorably to those totalitarian movements. He describes himself as becoming a Mobologist instead of a criminologist. In addition to reporting on the Chicago mafia, Bulldog talks about his early career in Chicago and his first hand street reporting on the 1968 riots after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and later the same year, how he was on the streets and followed the protesters from Grant Park down Michigan Avenue.

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2 comments on “John “Bulldog” Drummond Part 1

  1. Douglas Roller Jan 25, 2018

    From late 1969 to July 1975, I was a member of the Department of Justice Strike Force Against Organized Crime and Chief of that office from 1978 to 1984. Throughout that time John Drummond had a reputation as a trusted reporter who would hold a story or interview on background and kept his word. I met and subsequently married his field producer as a result of his covering the 1982 “Teamsters Trial” of Roy Williams and Alan Dorfman. God Bless you John Drummond.

    • Gary Jenkins Jan 26, 2018

      Thanks for your reply Doug. after spending that time with him on the phone, I see his humanity and personality made him a great reporter.