Philadelphia Strip Clubs

October 23, 2017

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This episode Aaron and I interview a fellow true crime podcaster, retired F.B.I. agent Jerri Williams. We talk about a strip club investigation done by the Philadelphia office. Jerri was assigned to the Philadelphia office for most of her career and worked on collar frauds. We talk about common frauds like the advance fee loan scheme or the sale of flood damaged cars from recently flooded areas. Jeri wrote a crime fiction novel, Pay to Play. She based this book on a real Philadelphia case. She tells the listeners this story of crime and official corruption in the Philadelphia strip club business perpetrated by one city official, Frank Antico Sr.
She tells us this guy was so bad that he helped his son, Frank Antico Jr. open a strip club and on opening night, he ordered his inspectors to close down all other Philadelphia strip clubs leaving his son’s club, Cheerleader’s Gentlemen’s Cub, the only strip club open that night.

Jerri hosts her own podcast, F.B.I. Retired Case File Review in which she interviews other retired F.B.I. agents about well known cases they investigated. I think my favorite was the investigation of the Unabomber.

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One comment on “Philadelphia Strip Clubs

  1. Thank you for having me on the show to review this fascinating corruption case and tell your listeners about my book Pay To Play and my podcast FBI Retired Case File Review. I had a blast hanging out with you both.