In our final episode, Aaron and I talk with Retired KCPD Major David Barton. He was the Captain in charge of the Jamaican Drug Posse Task force in the 1980s. Barton would go on to command the entire Midwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) . Barton tells how the extreme violence of the Jamaican drug possess and huge increase of crack addiction affected Kansas City neighborhoods. In response, Chief Larry Joiner assigned David Barton to the sleepy little narcotics unit. By the time this Jamaican investigation was done, the KCPD had more than tripled the size of this unit. Major Barton developed an efficient and effective team capable of working an international drug conspiracy.

The Kingpin, Errol “Dog Bite” Wilson was identified and prosecuted.  He relates the problems of working persons from a foreign country. One huge problem was government corruption problems in Jamaica. Barton was able to develop trustworthy sources within the Jamaican Constabulary.

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