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2 comments on “Interview

  1. Wow! I’d sure like to see that. I loved the River Quay, and had some fab music gigs there, as a pro musician – but I remember when the little old man who owned the (lumber? I remember he used to sell barrels) warehouse wouldn’t sell, his place was burned down. I remember my dad giving credit to the mob, heh. I remember when the Old Brewery burned down, and the night band lost all their equipment. I was playing lunches there, and just brought my mike in and used it with their stuff, so I didn’t suffer that way. But when I showed up for my gig, all that was there was charcoaled, smoking beam stubs and floor. I remember when the original owner of the Old Town Caberet (in Gladstone) tried to burn his place down, but they caught him in the act, so the place didn’t burn. Ah… memory lane!

  2. jenkslaw Jan 18, 2015

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