Inside the Walls with Puppies For Parole

June 22, 2018

Puppies For ParoleOur friend Keith Giammanco AKA The Boonie Hat Bandit just got accepted into the Puppies For Parole program at the Western Missouri Correctional Facility located in Cameron Missouri. He called in an interview to tell our Wiretappers about this program and to report from inside the walls. Click here to listen to our first interview at the prison in which the Boonie Hat Bandit tells about his series of bank robberies.

We learn a little about the program to save abandoned dogs from kill shelters and about a recent riot at the prison. Kieth was safe because the prisoners who destroyed a kitchen and other prison facilities were located in the maximum security building known as the Crossroads.

I will continue a series of interviews with Keith about life inside the walls and the Puppies For Parole program.

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