Bonus Episode – 2017 recap and the bank robber interview

February 15, 2018


A little different than our usual Gangland Wire episodes filled with mob stories. Aaron and thank our many Gangland Wire contributors by naming most of them. We also talk about our favorite episodes from the last year and end this bonus episode off with a phone call to the Missouri Department of Corrections and talk to the incarcerated bank robber, the

Boonie Hat Bandit. Remember he is the St. Louis stock broker who reacted to the downturn in the economy like Willie Sutton and went to where the money is and toke it. He was finished his federal time, but a St. Louis County prosecutor did not want him to get off with some federal time in a minimum security Club Fed. So, under a little known statue, St. Louis tried Keith Giammanco in state court for the exact same crimes he pleaded guilty to n Federal court. Well, he does not have much of a defense and ended up with about 12 more years in a Missouri state prison. Aaron and I did an interview inside the prison and this podcast contains a follow-up interview by calling him at the joint.

Caroline Gioammanco at a Boonie Hat bandit book signing

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