Wondery Presents: Frozen Head

Retired Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins brings you guys a short clip and description of a new podcast he is excited about. We all listen to many different podcasts, and I like some shows in the horror genre. Click on any highlighted text to listen to this new show.  FROZEN HEAD from Wondery is one of those shows.

Would you take the opportunity to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future? Wondery’s newest Podcast, FROZEN HEAD, hosted by Ash and Alaina of the hit show Morbid brings us the true story of Laurence Pilegram, a lifelong scientist who desperately wanted to extend his life. For Dr. Pilegram, death was the beginning and not the end. He had a seemingly impossible dream — he wanted to be frozen and brought back to life in the future. This is a true scientist’s dream. Think of all the scientific advancements he will get to experience. Ash and Alaina pull us into a cryonics soap opera. They tell about dead pets, grenades, gold coins, fist fights, family feuds, Hall of Fame baseball legends, and frozen heads — I mean a bunch of frozen heads. On some level, I think we all want to avoid, or at least put off our death. This story is about that desire and how far some people might go to make that a reality. Laurence Pilegram’s examination will reveal more about what it means to be alive.

While you’re listening, follow FROZEN HEAD wherever you get your podcasts. Prime Members can binge all six episodes ad-free on Amazon Music. Download the Amazon Music app today.

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