1 thought on “Episode 5 Take-down”

  1. Nicholas Raines

    Checked your blog out and did not see any threats from Spero family members. Carl Spero was my step father and all I can say is through the years I have heard several different versions. I most certainly remember going to the car lot and him pointing you fucks out. You might remember me waiving to you as a child. Answer this question. It is a proven fact his car lot was under 24 hour surveillance by the FBI and KCPD. How is it possible no one saw 30-50 sticks of dynamite being placed underneath the shack? It has always been my assumption feds and officers alike might have either conspired to have my step father killed or they were paid to look away. I can not remember one single time not seeing the cops or feds there. And to set the record straight we lived right past Kearney Missouri in Holt Missouri. There are several more facts I would love to discuss with someone whom is not afraid to get the real answers. I have been asking them for years to people that would know and the best response I recieved was from a locally famous news reporter that actually sat in our living room and interviewed Carl said to me “It is better to let sleeping dogs lie”. The fact he took the jewelry off that he had worn forever the morning he left. The fact he said very sternly to very close associates not to come to the lot that day.

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