Klu Klux Klan Part 2

The conundrum in a free society, where does free speech pass from protected to censored? In the recent killings by white power advocate, Dylann Roof, Ā folks are stirred to anger by the image of Roof with a Confederate battle flag. I believe that the majority of popular opinion right now is for banning of this flag. Supporters of the flag as an artifact commemorating soldiers who died in the Civil War are vigorously resisting any restriction of flying this flag. The conflict has become an extension of the already vehement disagreement between liberals andĀ conservatives. Remember, this is the country that allowed members of the American Nazi party to conduct a public march through the streets ofĀ Skokie, Illinois, a majority Jewish Chicago suburb.

Anyway, enjoy the next episode of the KKK and the Kansas City Police department.

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