Sponsor Season 3

Since April of 2015, Aaron and I have released an average of 4-5 episodes a month. We have about 103 episodes posted. all of this is totally free.


Our 3rd season begins in April 2017. Help us continue creating great free stories every week. Below we have the sustaining members option.

If you select any of the monthly options, at the end of 1 month, you will receive 2 unpublished episodes. At the end of  6 months, you will receive 3 more unpublished episodes and autographed copies of the Gangland Wire DVD and the book, Leaving Vegas plus copies of two wiretap affidavits and one affidavit singed by Ken “Toyko Joe” Eto in which he identifies the leadership of the Chicago outfit. If you are still subscribed at the $5.00 level after one year, you will receive a Gangland Wire coffee cup.  Plus you will receive all protections afforded to made members of the Gangland Wire Crime Family!

Payment options

For a one time donation choose from the following options

Mob Associate $10.00 get 2 extra episodes and some protection.

Soldato – $25.00 get 5 extra episodes, copies of the Villa Capri and Breckinridge Inn wiretap affidavits, a copy of an affidavit signed by “Toyko Joe” Ken Eto identifying the Chicago Outfit bosses and DVD of Gangland Wire and protection from other mob guys.

Capo Regime – $35.00 get 5 extra episodes and the book Leaving Vegas and immunity from prosecution from the local police. All previous rewards.

Sotto Capo – $50.00 get Leaving Vegas (book) and Gangland Wire  (DVD), 5 extra episodes and all protections from everybody but the FBI and all previous rewards.

Don – $100.00 get Gangland Wire coffee cup, all the above prizes plus our undying gratitude, be a guest on the show or phone call during the show and total protection from the cops and the rival families.

Capo di tutti capi – $500.00 Aaron and Gary will provide bodyguard services, all other prizes and we will create an episode where you choose the topic and the audience. We also promise no attention from the press and law enforcement (IRS included) and as the Godfather said, we shall perform a service for you when requested (no hits).