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March 28, 2017

Stan Ridgeway is an American singer songwriter. He has composed many tracks for films. Thanks to Wikipedia, here is a list;

  • Rumble Fish (1983), directed by Francis Ford Coppola (end title song “Don’t Box Me In” with Stewart Copeland)
  • Terminus (1987), directed by Pierre-William Glenn (title song “End Of The Line”)
  • Slam Dance (1987), directed by Wayne Wang (song “Bing Can’t Walk”)
  • Pump Up the Volume (1990), directed by Allan Moyle (song “Talk Hard”)
  • Future Kick (1991), directed by Damian Klaus (score)
  • Floundering (1994), directed by Peter McCarthy (title song & “My Drug Buddy” (later renamed “Amnesia” when released on Holiday In Dirt))
  • September Songs – The Music of Kurt Weill (1994), directed by Larry Weinstein (singer Cannon Song).
  • Box of Moonlight (1996), directed by Tom DiCillo (writer: “Mexican Radio” – as Stanard R. Funsten)
  • Melting Pot (1997), directed by Tom Musca (score)
  • Death Smokes a Big Cigar (1997), directed by Franco Riccardi (score)
  • Error In Judgment (1998), directed by Scott Levy (score)
  • Desperate But Not Serious (1999), directed by Bill Fishman (score)
  • Speedway Junky (1999), directed by Nick Perry (score)
  • The Keening (1999), directed by Alex & Andrew Smith (score)
  • Simpatico (1999), directed by Matthew Warchus (end title song)
  • $pent (2000), directed by Gil Cates Jr. (score)
  • Vengeance (2001), directed by Brian Belefant (songs)
  • Desert Saints (2002), directed by Richard Greenberg (song)


Drive she said!

Then she reached in her purse and she pulled out a gun and said,
“Now, just shut up and keep your hands on the wheel…
And then the moon disappeared and it started to rain
So I turned the windshield wipers on full
And on the bag in her lap I saw the name of a big bank downtown
And I said, “YOu don’t have to worry about me…”
And when I turned the headlights on,
Just for a minute I thought I saw the both of us
On some kinda tropical island someplace
Walkin’ down a white sandy beach eatin’ something…

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