Crime Song of the Week

June 14, 2017

Frank Costello, The Prime Minister of the Mob


Better Than That (the Ballad of Uncle Frank.)

Back in 1920

folks was acting kinda’ funny

and we couldn’t even get us a drink

except the rot gut moonshine

kind that make you go blind

mixed right in the kitchen sink

Yeah, it was hard, hard times, there was no denying

and folks could only fritter and frat

but there was nothin you could do

because you couldn’t get no better than that

Then along came a man

and you know he had a plan

to get all of them good times back

just bring the good stuff down, pass the word around

you can betcha’ wallets gonna’ get fat

and it turned out true

all you had to do

was keep your eyes watchin’ your back

that whiskey poured like gold

and you couldn’t get no better than that

Well it didn’t take long

till everywhere he roamed

he got the red carpet, welcome mat

So the ships rolled in

with the whiskey and the gin

and the boys let the good times roar

running Rum Row miles, stacking dough up in piles

and the people only lined up for more

and them bulls in blue, knew exactly what to do

just keep the cool and take home your pad

that whiskey weighed like gold

and ya’ couldn’t get no better than that

But it didn’t take long

between the money and the guns

until you could hear the shotguns crack

Well it’s sad but true

the hardest thing to do

is just to make it to the end of the track

and for those chosen few

here’s to how you do

let’s give em’ all a tip of the hat

it ain’t the same these days

think it’s safe to say

they just don’t make em’ like that

so let the stories be told, because it never got no better than that

here’s to those days of old, you know it never got no better than that


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