The Corporation: An Epic Story of the Cuban American Underworld

March 20, 2018

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This episode is a teaser for a two part in depth interview of retired Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s Investigator David Shanks next month. The Corporation is a book about a corrupt Havana police officer named Jose Miguel Battle who collected bribes from the North American mob operated casinos and distributed them to corrupt Cuban officials up to the dictator, Fulgencio Batista . After the corrupt dictatorship was overthrown, he joined the resistance movement and fought at the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. At that battle, Jose Miguel Battle became known to other resistance fighters as the “Hero of the Bay of Pigs. ”

Our guest, David Shanks, doggedly pursued this Cuban Godfather for over 15 years. Upon retirement, he felt compelled to write his experiences into a memoir. After getting the attention of Harper-Collins and the famous true crime author, T.J. English (Havana Nocturne and The Westies), he agreed to let Mr. English rework his book and once that manuscript was read by others in the industry, Paramount Pictures immediately optioned the book for a screenplay. Benicio Del Toro has already signed to play the villain, Joe Miguel Battle. Leonardo DiCaprio will produce and play the part of our friend David Shanks.

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