Outfit Wild Bunch Murder Decade

May 13, 2019

In Chicago, law enforcement documented 31 Outfit-connected murders between 1980 and 1989. Scott Burnstein and his Gangster Report article was the inspiration for this podcast.  Outfit terrorists named Jerry Scalise, Jerry Scarpelli, William “Butchie” Petrocelli, Tony Borsellino, Frank Calabrese, and Harry Aleman created a loosely formed group known as the Wild Bunch. The Capo of Cicero, Joe Ferriola, was the man who gave them their assignments according to directions provided by Outfit boss, “Joey Doves” Aiuppa. Ferriola will succeed Aiuppa when he goes to prison for his involvement in the Las Vegas casino skimming case.  Scott Bernstein reports that these facts were made known by Nick Calabrese in the Family Secrets trial.

One of the first murders committed by the Wild Bunch was on July 2, 1980. Except for a simple twist of fate, they could have been interrupted at the outset. Bulldog Drummond and a camera crew were filming courthouse activities on that day and they were particularly interested in an Outfit mob enforcer and Chicago Heights crew member named William (Billy the Chopper) Dauber. When Dauber and his wife, Charlotte, left the courthouse, the camera crew debated whether to follow them or not. In the end, Drummond had to get back downtown and they elected to leave. At this same exact time, some of the Wild Bunch waited to follow Dauber themselves, but not to film them. The Outfit had given Dauber the responsibility to consolidate all the independent car thieves and chop shop owners to exact a street tax. The FBI suspected Dauber in a number of gangland homicides and he was cooperating. Dauber’s Outfit bosses had learned of his betrayal and they sent the Wild Bunch. The hit team followed Dauber and his wife Charlotte away and on a country road, they ran them off the road and killed both husband and wife. Years later, Gerald Scarpelli will confess that he and his crew ran the victims off the road and he shot Dauber in the head twice with a shotgun.

The Wild Bunch will commit at least 29 more murders over the next ten years.

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