Chicago Mobster in a Drum

December 6, 2016

image1Just before Thanksgiving day in 1973, Chicago Outfit associates Samuel Marcello and Joseph Grisafe  parked in front of a fire hydrant at Taylor & Western on the west side of Chicago. They would enter the Korner Sandwich Shop just down the block and never be seen again, until the next summer.

A month later in January , Sam Rantis, the sandwich shop owner, was found in the trunk of his car at O’Hare International Airport, dead.

When the Sam Rantis, disappeared, his wife prevailed on a family friend, Tony Russo, to take over the Sandwich Shop. After an unusual smell arose during the summer, Russo searched the shop in every nook and cranny. He found two 55 galleon drums hidden inside a small closet under some stairs.

The next thing neighbors saw was police cars flooding the street and officers entering and leaving the restaurant. What Tony Russo found inside those drums started an investigation that linked 4 unsolved murders and cleared two of them without an arrest being made.

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