Missouri Valley Room Special Collections

Bonus Episode – Kansas City Police kill teenager in Missouri River

April 3, 2019

Missouri Valley Room Special Collections

I bet the headline got your attention. This is a story of policing and street life in 1908 Kansas City. A juvenile officer roaming the streets observes 5 kids begging money for a crazy looking old man and he moves in to ask questions. Officer Holt learns this man calls himself Adam God and he is part of a religious cult living in a houseboat on the Missouri River. He tries to take the children into custody and Adam God hits him with a club. The officer runs to the nearby police station and officers hurry out into the street. They are met with a volley of bullets from Adam God and his followers and they kill one police officer and wound another. The police and the Adam God cult engage in a gun battle that ends in an armed standoff at the Missouri River houseboat that they call home.


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