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August 13, 2018
black joe amato

Solly Di Laurentis

When we were at the MobWorld Summit 2018, I reconnected with a friend, Rick Adornetto. Rick is retired law enforcement and he spent most of his

black Joe amato

Michael Posner

career working undercover. In 1978, Rick got hired in a gambling club by Chicago Outfit crew chief, Black Joe Amato. Rick introduced himself as just a guy looking for a job. he was given some cover by a crooked Cook County cop. Rick worked at the Happy Days tavern in Island Lake Illinois for several months. During that time he was able to overhear conversations and watch patrons as they gambled in a back room. Rick also introduced three Illinois department of law enforcement agents in and vouched for them so they were able to gamble. In the final raid officers arrested Lake County mob fixer and gambling boss Michael Posner was arrested along with future Outfit boss, Salvatore “Solly D” V. DeLaurentis.

One of the most interesting facts about Black Joe Amato was his appearance in the below now-famous photo of all the Chicago Outfit.



black joe amato

The Last Supper


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