Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK-47, kalashnikov) isolated on white

51st Street Crips – Segment 3

March 31, 2016

In the third episode of this series, retired KCPD gang investigator, Jim Herrington, tells how a beautiful Street Narcotics Undercover officer worked her way into a 51st Street Crip dealer’s confidence. She even got him on a conference call with the gang leader, Stevie Wright. The officer had claimed to know Stevie Wright and purchased drugs from him in the past. The gang leader, Wright, would not vouch for the undercover officer and ordered his dealer not to sell her drugs. The officer was so convincing and good at her job that she convinced the street dealer to continue selling her Ecstasy, in violation of Wright’s order. This phone call verified Wright’s participation in this narcotics conspiracy. SKSRetired Detective Herrington relates how the 51st street Crips used straw purchasers to buy brand new high end firearms like 9mm semi-auto pistols, SKS and AK 47 assault rifles. As they roll up the small fish, Detective Harrington and his Career Criminal Squad solve several murders.


To hear other episodes go to www.ganglandwire.com

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